Big M Melbourne Marathon
Sunday 5 November 1978
Frankston VIC

 MaleOfficial timeFemaleOfficial time
1Bill Scott2:21:04Elizabeth Hassall2:53:38
2David Byrnes2:23:06Adrienne Beames3:00:50
3James Langford2:25:14Barbara Byrnes3:07:01
4Kevin Rock2:26:36Kathy McLean3:11:31
5Paul O'Hare2:27:09Joan Cameron3:33:34
6Robert Guthrie2:32:06Barbara Fay3:34:43
7Ron Gribble2:32:24G M Humphreys3:41:03
8Edward Paulin2:33:37Margaret Smith3:43:58
9John Duck2:34:22Judy Pollock3:46:09
10Ian Rands2:34:43Patricia Cooper3:50:06

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Official name:Big M Melbourne Marathon
Primary series:Melbourne (held at least 38 times since 1978)
Other series:
Finishers:1947 (useable 1947)
Course description:Delacombe Park, Frankston-Melbourne Town Hall
Sources:Results book
Fun Runner Feb79 (vol.1,no.1) pp2-4
Age 6/11/78
Victorian Marathon Club v10n3 p7
The Sun 6/11/78
Hassall set a Victorian record
Images courtesy of second-placed David Byrnes (#744) who believes course was long by up to half a mile.
5:15 hours cut-off
9am start
Results from Bruce Hargreaves

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